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The Life & Times Of


By John McKenty
and Declan Perkins

Joe Perkins was one of Perth, Ontario’s best known & most controversial citizens.


This book is his story.



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The Life & Times Of Joe Perkins

The Life & Times Of Joe Perkins

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Welcome to Wheels Gone Bye. I am a retired educator who lives in Perth, Ontario. For most of my life I've been a collector with an interest in everything from old signs to tin toys. These days I collect bits and pieces of what I call “little history” - glimpses of the past discovered in the everyday lives of ordinary people - garage operators, hardware store owners, factory workers and mailmen. It’s not the stuff of which legends are made, but I believe it’s the stuff of which history is made. ~John McKenty

"Too often we're mesmerized by the comings and goings of so-called 'celebrities.' The genius of John McKenty is to help us see how our local citizens make our lives not just interesting, but more meaningful...." 

The Probian, October 2012




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